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How to prepare your home for winter with Jamie Pagourelias

Winter is the most important time to continue to hold a high standard for property maintenance. Whether your a new tenant or a homeowner, winter can bring a lot of added property maintenance issues that may not have been apparent during summer.

For your own safety and/or your tenant’s safety, it’s best to focus on prevention rather than trying to find a cure when the issues eventually arise. Our Property Management Department Manager, Jamie, has given us some ideal tips and instructions on how to best prepare your home for the winter months.

1)  Keeping your gutters clear.
By ensuring your gutters are clear from any leaf debris that may have accumulated during the autumn months, you will be decreasing your chance of any flooding that may occur. If you have a large amount of debris in your gutters and there is heavy rain, you have a high chance of flooding that may result in water entering your property.

2) Condensation in bathrooms and apartment buildings.
During the colder months, people are hesitant to air out their properties, however this can cause moisture to build up. It is important to remember that most bathrooms and/or apartments are heavily insulated and that it is very important to make sure that once you’ve had a hot shower, you are correctly ventilating your home. Installing exhaust fans and wiping down any signs of condensation in wet areas go a long way to preventing mould growth.

3) Draught protection.
Make sure all seals on doors and/or windows are flush and fitted correctly to ensure cold air doesn’t go into the property and to also ensure hot air is not escaping. If you allow hot air to escape or allow cold air in, your heating system will work overtime to adjust the temperature of the property which could therefore increase household bills.

4) Possum proof your home.
Possums tend to seek shelter from the rain and/or cold during winter and commonly try to nestle within roof cavities as the cavities provide a lot of protection from the weather. Make sure you cut back any trees, branches or plants that may overhang your roof and make sure any holes or eaves are covered.

5) Pest proof your home.
During winter; ants and spiders will be looking for food sources, make sure you spray the exterior of the property with an insect barrier to avoid having pests enter your home. Ants, cockroaches and spiders are not necessarily a sign of a dirty home but it can indicate your home has an easy food source.

If you’re renting or are leasing out a home, do not hesitate to contact your property manager for any concerns or questions you may have regarding preparing your home for winter.
We hope some of these tips come in handy!

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