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Why the Customer Journey is Important with Marc Lum

Have you ever wondered what the customer journey looks like for a real estate agent ?
Ray White Glen Waverley’s Elite Agent, Marc Lum has a lot to offer in terms of what his customer journey looks like and what he firmly believes is the best method for continuing a fantastic relationship during and after a sales campaign. With a number of years in real estate, a strong background in the customer service field and a passion for helping people, Marc has been able to prove time and time again, that he provides an award winning service that allows him to connect on a personal level with his clients. Marc’s overall philosophy on the customer journey, is that a sales campaign is not just about the sale, it’s all about the journey.

Recently, Marc hit a record sale for a townhouse within central Mulgrave. This sale from a transactional point of view was an incredible achievement. However, Marc has discussed that the story of the vendors behind this townhouse was what gave him the most satisfaction.
2 years ago, Bonacci Enterprises purchased a block of land from Marc and his team, Marc always ensures that he works alongside the buyers and the vendors as a team and this impressed Bonacci Enterprises. Working as a team with both vendors and buyers is very important as it assures everyone involved in the sale that you are just as dedicated to their journey as they are. After the sale was complete, as a Mulgrave specialist, Marc continued to work alongside Bonacci Enterprises and provided them with the necessary information about Mulgrave demographics to tailor a design perfect for Mulgrave market. Bonacci Enterprises completed their build and after all of Marc’s advice and help, they entrusted him with the sale of their development.

The campaign, like the design process for the property went smoothly. 110 people through the open homes, 70 bids on auction day and the achievement of a record price for Mulgrave. Marc maintains it was the friendship and the strong relationship that was built during that time that lead to the success of this campaign.

Marc is on record saying “Maintaining a strong, personable, transparent relationship with your clients throughout their sales campaign and continuing that friendship once their sales journey is complete, is the ultimate key to maintaining a successful customer journey map. It’s not just about business, it’s a friendship.”

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